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Common Issues when Renovating Your Home and How To Prepare

Nov 24

Common Issues when Renovating Your Home and How To Prepare


It can be just as fun and satisfying to renovate a home as it is to build a brand-new house. You might have lived in the same house for years and now feel it's time to make a move. kitchen remodel in cedar park tx allows you to customize any space to suit your needs. Although it is magical to turn what isn't there into what it can be, the path to a beautifully refurbished home is not easy. Home renovations can take a toll on your home. It is common to uncover hidden issues beneath the old wallpaper.


Hidden problems can occur in any renovation project. However, they should not stop you from achieving the house of your dreams. Because we have been in the construction and restoration business for many decades, we have seen many things. We're familiar with the risks and how to avoid them. Knowing what to look out for and what to expect is half of the battle when it comes to common remodeling concerns is important. This is why we will discuss the most frequent concerns that we observe, how they affect a remodeling job, and what we can do to address them.


  • Water Injuries


Water damage is a very common problem among homeowners. It's also the cause of many headaches during renovations. The problem may start with a roof leak, which is often not discovered until the water has reached the ceiling. Water damage may also result from faulty plumbing like a leaky or broken pipe. It's deceptive. It is possible to not notice a leak until walls are being opened for remodeling. Floods and water damage can be very serious.


  • Cracks in Foundation and Other Problems


One of the worst things that can happen is for homeowners to discover a foundation crack while remodeling. Cracks in flooring and walls, gaps around rooms' margins, stuck doors or windows, are all indicators that the problem exists. Sometimes the problem is discovered when the workers are on site. Foundations don't always stand the test of time. The cement used in older homes may deteriorate over time.


A structural engineer will need an inspection of your home to detect foundation cracks. He or she can recommend a solution. There are many ways your contractor can repair the damage. Sometimes, steel bracing attached to the house can be enough to stabilize the foundation. Sometimes, concrete piers or screws may be necessary to support the foundation. In extreme cases, a new foundation may be needed.


To extend the life expectancy of new homes and to ensure safety and long-term stability, we use structural foundations. Special void boxes (also called void forms), are used before the slab can be poured. The void forms protect concrete during cure, strengthening the foundation. They allow the foundation to expand and contract without cracking.


  • Hazardous Materials


They no longer make them the way they used to. Some items that are dangerous or old may be found during the renovation. These hazardous substances must be treated and disposed of in a particular way. Even though laws can vary from one place to the next, skilled contractors and licensed remediators may be needed in some cases to ensure these issues are addressed safely and effectively.


Lead poisoning is a major danger to your health and is common in older home restorations. It can also be found in older exterior or interior paint treatments and plumbing pipes.

Asbestos can be found in walls, basements, attics, and ceilings. Sometimes it is better to leave it alone and contain it. Sometimes, a professional will be required to remove it.

Unsafe plumbing and electrical work


  • Bad Renovations in Layers


You may not be the first person to attempt to remodel or update a home. It is possible to leave behind a legacy of poor renovation work that will cost you a lot of money. As your remodeling progresses it is possible to uncover an archaeological dig full of substandard work. Deconstructing an extension that isn’t in good shape, uneven woodwork, or mistakes made by home handymen and incompetent contractors will be necessary before any new work can begin. This could cause problems with the final result.


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