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Nov 28


Fort Wayne Roofers are your top choice for your roofing contractor. They offer fast and efficient Fort Wayne Roofing services, while always keeping your budget in mind. A leaking roof is a serious problem that must be dealt with immediately.

We will visit you at your home to evaluate the roof's condition and make the necessary repairs for asphalt, cedar shake, slate, standing seam, and metal shingle roofs. When a reliable solution is available, there is no reason for you to suffer from a damaged roofing system.


Damaged shingles need to be repaired quickly, whether they are due to normal wear caused by aging or storm-related hail and severe winds. You have a higher chance of expensive and severe problems developing if you delay.

Neglecting damaged shingles can lead to serious damage to your home.

  • Water damage
  • Mold and mildew
  • Reduced curb appeal
  • Structural damage
  • HVAC bills that are higher

We can repair your damaged roof shingles quickly and efficiently so that you can get on with your day and not worry about the roof. All other issues, such as missing shingles or blow-offs, will be fixed so that your shingle roof appears and functions like new.


We can also repair most types of metal roofs. This will help you save money on a total replacement and protect your home or company. Our metal roof coatings will last for many years and are perfect for long-term repairs. All of our roofers are licensed and highly trained. Conklin coatings offer greater stability as well as energy savings.

It's a good idea to call us if you have any concerns about your metal roofing. Your roof will be protected from any wind, water, or pests by having a quality metal roofing coating.

Our roofing services also include an Equiptor. It is basically a mini-dumpster with a container that can be raised to the roof. All debris should be directed towards the bin rather than onto your landscaping. The Equiptor makes roofing repairs easier, more efficient, and protects your property.

Our roofing company can help you with any roof repairs in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. Call (260) 233 7260 today. We will send our roofing professionals to provide you with an estimate and tell you exactly what to do to get your roof back in its original state.


Fort Wayne Roofers

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