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Blackbutt Nature Reserve

Feb 19

About Blackbutt Nature Reserve

Blackbutt Reserve is a 182-hectare natural bushland treasure trove that provides visitors with the opportunity for adventure and discovery. From peaceful picnic settings, wide-open spaces or diverse habitats - there's something here perfect every time of year.

Visitors to the zoo can observe both close up and from afar. The spacious wildlife exhibits provide an opportunity for people who are interested in native animals like these, as they have plenty of room that allows them freely roam around without feeling cramped or stressed out by proximity limitations. There are also several signs located along this boardwalk that offer informative information about each species' habits - making sure you know exactly what kind.

The Blackbutt Reserve is a haven for rare and vulnerable species, including the eucalypt forest. The rainforest habitat provides homes to such as retreat from pillaging humans or other predators in their quest for food.

What To Do At Blackbutt Nature Reserve

Come close encounters with our Australian wildlife during a fun-filled, one hour tour through the exhibits! You'll learn about each animal including diets and breeding habits. An experience that is educational as well exciting because you get to see these fascinating creatures up close in their natural environment - no matter if it's on land or underwater (or both). You won't want to miss out on this unique opportunity so don’t delay any longer; book now before they sell out again.

Watch as the emus eat their lunch, right in front of you! Come to Carnley Avenue for a scavenger hunt that will teach kids about animal anatomy and conservation strategies. Get up close with these amazing animals when they're not busy grazing or fighting off predators - visit Blackbutt Reserve on Saturdays at 11 am during scheduled shows (including this Saturday) where visitors can see 7 different species all rolled into 1 awesome day trip. A family favourite is coming back: join us every Saturday morning from11-1 pm & 2–5 pm, we have something exciting planned each time so check our website.


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