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Bogey Hole

Feb 22

About Bogey Hole

Do you know that spot on your favourite mountain top where they show off the view? Well, this is it. The Bogey Hole offers one of Newcastle's most Instagram-worthy landmarks for locals and visitors alike with its breathtaking views at the bottom of cliff face carved into natural rock platform nestled within rugged terrain near cliffsides made up primarily out granite boulders - not bad!

The hand-hewn swimming hole is a hidden gem that deserves to be seen. When you first approach, it's hard not to think of 1819 and how courage was required for this activity in order to build your own private piece of land from scratch under wave crashing waves or calm waters depending on what one prefers - but then again with so many people having their own opinions about something such as The Bogey Hole there may never truly become an end consensus. Either way, I recommend visiting soon before these spots fill up because once they do all sorts of environments will go away.

With a rich and storied past, the ocean pool has witnessed early colonial Australia. Originally known as Morriset's or Commandant Baths it became one of many public baths in 18th century Newcastle - but this was not to be its final glory days! For when these pools were first constructed they provided an ideal safe haven for swimmers who wanted nothing more than some fresh air after being cooped up inside all day with only their thoughts for the company (and maybe some friendly dogs). It wasn't until 1863 that things really got interesting; lucky enough as brought us into 2018 which means we can still experience what true beauty looks like.

What To Do At Bogey Hole

One of the finest swimming baths in NSW or Australia gushed a report by Newcastle Borough Council. It featured a bottom "almost as smooth and glassy-clear" than billiard table seawater so clear that one could distinguish button at the bottom for size." The 1884 version said it was wonderful irony what started life off being a private pool built specifically to settle onto commandant's needs has now become such an important part of public city living.

The heritage-listed baths are one of Newcastle's most treasured landmarks. Local Greek Orthodox churches use the pool for a traditional blessing, teenagers flock here in summer while women dressed as mermaids have been seen swimming with their dates from Novocastrian society's elite. Leaps into this magnificent jewel-like water can be considered somewhat of an important ritual when it comes to becoming adulthood-ready; after all what better way is there than proving yourself by taking on such challenges?

When the waves are small, you can see fish and starfish beneath them. When they're big enough to crash into your pool with dramatic brilliance- that's when things get really interesting! The best part about this place is how many different types of people come here for their own reasons: from families looking forward to an afternoon swim or group pictures by one another’s side on any given day; individuals hoping desperately just once more before giving up entirely because no matter what happens tomorrow will always be better than today.

When the waves are big, it's not safe to swim. The Bogey Hole Shortland Esplanade King Edward Park Newcastle and there is free entry for all visitors - but they should know that this pool has no changing facilities or toilets.


One local company in Newcastle involved in this tourist attraction is:

Name: Solar Power Newcastle

Address: Unit 9/102 Bridge St, Waratah NSW 2298

Phone: (02) 4003 6434