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Brisbane Water National Park

May 31

About Brisbane Water National Park

Brisbane Water National Park is a hidden gem on the central coast. With its lush green forests, crystal clear lakes and fresh air, it's sure to offer you an experience like no other!
Away from city life for weekends or days? Make your way over here where nature awaits with open arms - ready to embrace all that she has in store.

The Brisbane Water National Park is a beautifully preserved tract of Australia's natural environment, and it lies within one of the most heavily populated regions on Earth. The 11,506-hectare (28 thousand acres) national park sits 47 kilometres (29 mi) northwest of Sydney yet still allows for scenic views as well access to engaging activities such as fishing or swimming along its many rivers!

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What to do in Brisbane Water National Park

If you're looking for a place to spend your time outside the city, head straight into Umina Beach Foreshore National Park. You'll be able to find colourful spring wildflowers and ancient Aboriginal engravings along with some great fishing spots that are waiting just below sea level! There are also walking trails which will take lovely views across rainforest country of rugged sandstone cliffs when they cross over them on their way towards wherever it is people go after having fun at Patonga Landing beach while enjoying seafood showdown meals during sunset moments.

The Fauna of the National Park has provided and conserved valuable habitat for a range of vulnerable species, as listed under EPBC Act. In total 261 types have been recorded in this wonderful park. All are protected by law so you can enjoy them without worrying about your safety!

The Brisbane Water National Park is a haven for rare and endangered plants. This demonstrates how environmental conditions have changed over time, with some populations being reduced to remnant levels as the result of clearance in ancient forests that were once more extensive than they are today due largely to human activity such as agriculture or urban sprawl before recent years when fire hazard restrictions came into effect limiting access because it was seen dangerous without proper training - but not anymore! There's no telling what will happen next; this park covers almost 1000 acres so there really isn't enough space leftovers.

Brisbane water national park

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