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Solar System Maintenance; Cleaning and Repairing Tips

Aug 21


Our customers frequently ask us at Sun Badger Solar what they can do to maintain their solar panels, and how to improve their home's efficiency. There are many things solar owners can do in order to maintain their panels and produce clean energy efficiently.


You can do a variety of things to keep your panels clean:


  • The panels should be kept out of direct sunlight
  • Inverters should be checked to ensure the correct status is indicated by the LEDs
  • Take photos of the performance of your solar panel
  • Destroy any debris on the panels' surfaces
  • Hire a solar panel cleaning company


These solar panel maintenance tips will be covered here. But first, make sure you searched out a solar energy company near me for the installation of your solar system.


Solar Panel Maintainance: Getting Started


It's a great investment to have solar panels installed on your roof or elsewhere on your property. You will not only be able to save money on electricity, but you can also say you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint by providing clean energy for your home.

Once the panels have been installed, you don't have to worry about how much or how long it takes to maintain them. Solar panels are designed to last for many years without any maintenance. It is important to check the panels regularly and ensure that they are working correctly.


Keep Panels away from Shade and Trim Trees

Solar panels can be affected by shade in many ways, but the most important is in their ability to function. Shade can block solar energy from reaching the panels, which could cause panels to not produce as much as they should. It can be difficult to keep your panels out of the sun in certain areas. Solar panels can be installed on trees that will allow more sunlight to reach the panels.

If your panels have been around for longer than five years, there may be trees that aren't present before. It's okay to have some shade on the solar panels during the day. Sun Badger Solar can help you with shade issues.


Seek out your Solar Inverter

Checking your solar inverter is an important part of solar panel maintenance. Make sure all LEDs are lit green to indicate normal operation. It's okay to check in more often than once per year to make sure everything is working well.

You will notice if an inverter isn't working, but by paying attention to your solar inverters you can spot small problems before they become major issues. Inverters will tell you if problems are present before they become serious.


Document the performance of your PANELS

Documenting the performance of solar panels is a simple maintenance task you may not have considered. You will need to keep track of the kWhs produced each month as well as any shading issues or inverter problems. Also, keep an eye on the numbers throughout the year to ensure you have good records.

This information can be tracked by a variety of digital programs, and it might already be saved to the panels you have purchased. By keeping track of these numbers you can tell when your panels need to be serviced or if they are degrading faster than stated in the warranty.

Remove Debris Off the Surface of the Panel

The presence of debris on solar panels is not only an eyesore. Your solar panel's ability generates electricity can be affected by debris. You should immediately call an electrician if you find anything blocking the sun's rays from the solar panel. Although you could jump onto the roof by yourself, not everyone is comfortable doing so.

Another thing to remember is bird droppings. Birds will find a comfortable place to sit on solar panels, which can lead to droppings building up on the panel. This is particularly problematic for solar panels located close together where birds frequent them. We will discuss how to clean the panels further down. Use these tips to keep birds from your panels.

Seek out a Cleaning and Maintenance Service

You may contact reno solar repair services if you are experiencing any issues with your solar panels that have not been covered here. We can help you troubleshoot the most common problems as well as discuss any additional solar maintenance tasks that should be done.

It depends on where you live, so give us a call. We'll discuss some of your options.


How to fix or replace solar panels

A professional is recommended if you need your panels repaired or replaced.

If the panels are not performing as expected, call the company who installed them or reach out Reno solar repair services. They will dispatch someone to inspect the situation and repair or replace the panels.

A separate equipment warranty covers physical damage to panels. Talk to your solar installer about who can replace the panels. If you aren't familiar with solar systems, don't try to install or repair solar panels.


Is it difficult to maintain solar panels?

It is very easy to maintain your solar panel. You can clean your panels if there is any dust, debris, or snow. This will ensure they work well. You should also ensure that your panels come with a good warranty to make sure they are replaced if they break.

You will see your panels continue to produce clean, renewable energy for many years if you do that. In our solar installation guide, learn how to install solar cells in your home.