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The Future of Clean Energy in Colorado with Xcel Energy & Solar Power

Sep 15

What Is Xcel Energy?

Major American utility provider Xcel Energy provides natural energy energy to customers in eight states, including Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico. Xcel Energy serves roughly three-quarters of the state's population, making it the biggest electrical supplier in Colorado. The business has a long history of giving its consumers dependable energy and has been in business for more than a century.

They rank among Colorado's biggest sources of carbon dioxide emissions. Xcel Energy has been putting money into renewable energy sources like solar power in an effort to fight climate change and move toward a cleaner future.

What Future Plans Does Xcel Have for Renewable Energy?

When it comes to renewable energy, Xcel is a pioneer. The business has long made investments in solar energy and other renewable energy sources. In fact, Xcel Energy was the first significant American utility company to commit to utilizing only renewable energy. By 2030, the corporation wants to have cut back on its carbon emissions by 80% from what they were in 2005.

By 2050, they hope to have fully eliminated carbon emissions. By continuing to invest in sustainable energy sources like solar power, Xcel Energy intends to achieve this. Additionally, they are working to upgrade their natural gas facilities and spending money on innovative technology that will enable them to significantly cut their emissions. In order to provide their consumers with a more secure and economical energy future, the organization has been taking these actions.

How Solar Energy Is Helping in Colorado

Future plans by Xcel Energy heavily emphasize solar energy. In Colorado and other states, the firm has been constructing solar farms. In fact, Xcel Energy is Colorado's biggest solar energy supplier. In order to offer their clients even more clean energy, the company intends to keep investing in solar energy.

In addition to this, Xcel Energy offers its clients a variety of programs that will enable them to reduce their energy use and save money. Among them are:


With the help of Xcel Energy's Renewable*Connect initiative, customers may encourage the creation of new renewable energy sources. A renewable energy certificate (REC) is given to Xcel Energy customers who sign up for the program for each kWh of solar, wind, or other renewable energy they select. The customer's non-renewable energy usage is then reduced using the RECs. The 50 megawatt Titan Solar facility that supplies the energy for this initiative is situated close to Deer Trail, Colorado.

Renewable Energy Community

The Solar*Rewards Community program in Colorado is one of the largest solar rebate programs in the nation and was one of the first community solar gardens in the US. Customers can take advantage of renewable services through this initiative and contribute to the growth of nearby solar gardens without having to put solar panels on their own residences or places of business. Customers who sign up for this program are given monthly bill credits based on the production of a solar array owned by a third party community garden.


Customers who install qualified solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in their residences or places of business are eligible for incentives under Xcel Energy's Solar*Rewards program. Customers who have systems that are connected to the grid get a monthly credit on their electric bill for the energy that their PV system produces. The size, kind, and utility rate of the client are taken into account when determining the credit's value. The consumer can then use the credits to reduce the amount of non-renewable energy they use.

Net Metering

Net Metering Customers that have solar panels put on their property may participate in Xcel Energy's net metering program. Customers can take advantage of this program to get a credit on their power bill for any extra electricity their solar panels produce. The credit can be applied to future energy costs and is equal to the retail price of electricity. Customers can take advantage of this initiative to significantly reduce their electric bills while simultaneously promoting the usage of renewable energy.

These are only a few of the strategies used by Xcel Energy to supply sustainable energy to its solar consumers. They are contributing to Colorado's continued leadership in sustainable energy by doing their share. They are also taking these actions in order to provide a more secure and economical energy supply in the future. In order to be able to offer their consumers even more sustainable energy, Xcel Energy is continuing to invest in solar power, which will play a significant role in their future plans.

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