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Will solar get cheaper in the future?

Dec 11


Solar energy was once only available to those with large budgets. However, it is now a popular, affordable, and practical source of renewable energy. As more Kiwis embrace solar, solar energy systems are on the verge of becoming mainstream in Tallahassee


This is due to our increasing awareness about our carbon footprints as well as the fact that solar power equipment has fallen at an accelerated pace in recent decades. Many are asking if the price of solar panels or equipment will continue to fall. Here are our thoughts on the current and future solar prices.

What has been the impact on solar's cost?

In the last 20 years, solar panels have been more affordable than ever. It is getting slightly more affordable to purchase solar panels every year. Here's what a solar energy system might cost your household in 2022.

What is the reason why solar panels have seen a price decrease?

Increased demand

In response to the increased demand for solar panel panels, the global supply chain has grown in size and efficiency. Due to increased demand, more panels are being produced by Solar companies tallahassee. This has made the market more competitive and helped drive down prices.

Lower production costs and components that are cheaper

The extensive R&D has allowed for the development of more affordable materials for solar panels.

Efficiency increases

The cost of a long-term solar energy system has dropped as solar equipment has become more efficient and their average lifespans have increased. For the desired energy output, you will need fewer panels and need to replace them less often.

What will be the future cost of solar?

It is unlikely that prices will continue to fall at the same pace. We can see the trend in other mature technologies like smartphones and cars. Prices tend to stabilize after tech booms. However, solar prices will continue to fall, but at a slower pace. Bloomberg predicts that solar costs will drop by 34% in 2030. This is still a significant decrease.

What are the factors that could cause solar panel prices to drop in the future?

Technology advances are major

Developers are looking at perovskite and bifacial panels as potential products. As these technologies become mass-produced, traditional PV panels' prices will likely drop due to increased competition.

Comparable cost to relying upon the national electricity grid

Electricity prices continue to rise in Tallahassee. Even if solar panels were to remain the same price for the next few decades, they will still be cheaper than grid power.

Do you want to wait until the sun comes up before installing a solar energy system in your home?

No. Every month that you go without solar means another unneeded electricity bill. Not to be overlooked is the fact that solar energy systems can increase the value of your property, even at current prices.


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